William Blachly and Ann O'Brien Founders

Annuit Coeptis

Masks are  required

At the Unadilla Theatre


                              Elixir of Love

At the Festival Theatre

The Seagull 

Twelfth Night




The theatres are a few yards from each other.

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Sargent Willis


W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan

The grand masters of melody and comedy! Brilliant music and witty dialog. "Iolanthe" is their masterpiece!

Curtain: 7:30  Sharp


The Seagull


Anton Chekhov

The characters in “The Seagull” are vain, sometimes miserable creatures, but they are also aware of the comical aspects of their existence. There is gravity — even tragedy — in their circumstances, but nothing heavy about the play itself. It holds its shape like a perfect soufflé, rich and airy, simple and yet the product of miraculous technique.

Curtain: 7:30  Sharp

Twelfth Night

William Shakespeare

After a shipwreck in Shakespeare’s Illyria, anything can happen.  Genders bend, identities switch, pranks befuddle, and hilarious confusion reigns in the ultimately satisfying pursuit of love. Set in seaside 1950s New England, this production explores the fluidity of gender and universality of love.

Curtain 7:30  Sharp


Rick Winston will be offering two free shows. Both will be in the Festival Theatre. They will be presented on two Wednesday nights:

July 20 “Hollywood’s Greatest Year—1939”

Aug 10 “Memorable Films Adapted From The Stage”

Make reservations through the calendar below.

Elixir pic

Elixir of Love

One of the true miracles behind Elixir is how Donizetti, together with his librettist Felice Romani, distills his own artistic elixir, transforming an innocuously predictable romantic comedy and a pattern of operatic expectations into a work of freshly stirring beauty.

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Curtain Time

2:30 PM Matinee


Late comers will be admitted only at intermission.

Adults $25, Children 12 and under $15.

Cash or checks

No credit cards

Reservations and Information: 

802-456-8968  or at



501 Blachly Road
Marshfield Vermont 05658