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At the Unadilla Theatre

HMS Pinafore


WS Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan

The grand masters of melody and comedy! Brilliant music and witty dialog. "Pinafore" is their masterpeice!


Trial By Jury

Also by Gilbert and Sullivan and their first opera. A gentle spoof of the British legal system.  It is a 25 minute curtain raiser.



At the Festival Theatre


The Seagull


Anton Chekhov

A sublime confection of comedy and tragedy that has to be played for absolute truth if it is going to uncover and lay bare the lies that these people tell themselves and each other. This is a play about dissembling: the self-absorbed actress Arkadina turns her whole life into a performance, the acclaimed writer Trigorin is a moral coward in his private life; the young Nina -the seagull of the title - is a girl with the stars in her eyes destroyed because of her romantic illusions. 

Haifa (2)